Detecting and locating water leaks
At Aganova we offer the best technologies available on the market for obtaining information from pipelines. We are capable of detecting leaks from space, to the inside of the pipeline. We study our clients needs and choose the technology that best suits their project. Our aim is to offer them the best solution at the lowest cost.

Leak location: reporting on the exact location of a leak when the water company has noticed a specific problem in a particular section of pipeline.

Network inspection: to ascertain the real status of the network, providing significant information for decision-making regarding pipeline renewal.

Leak prevention: regular checks of the development of the network status, obtaining information on leak evolution, facilitating preventive decision-making.
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Detection in transport networks
Detection and control of large diameter transport pipelines.
Distance has never been a problem or inconvenience for our equipment. At Aganova, we offer an integrated solution that is at the forefront of the market for leak detection in large diameter networks.
This solution is our Nautilus system, developed in-house by our R&D department and internationally patented.

Our Nautilus system takes the form of a sphere of just 60 millimetres in diameter, capable of travelling freely through the pipeline driven simply by the water flow. Inside, Nautilus listens and records the sound emitted by the leak, anomaly or airpocket inside the network, the data obtained is inserted into an in-house software designed to process it and indicate the exact location of its source.

With an error margin of under 1.5 metres and the capacity to inspect 10 kilometres in 5 hours, our Nautilus System issues the results of the exact location of the leak in its last phase of information processing, thanks to our algorithm systems.
See Nautilus leaflet
Detection in distribution networks
We use cutting edge equipment to obtain the best results
The combination of the latest technologies and a specific leak control strategy enables us to dig deeper and perfect an increasingly efficient leak reduction methodology.
Our approach is based on a strategy that controls, supervises and reduces the global life cycle of the leak.
For this, implementing innovation in our processes is an accurate reflection of the tools we use:
Correlators: One of the main advantages of using this system is that the noise volume generated by the leak does not affect its operation. Therefore any excess of external noises barely affects the leak measurement process.
Geophones: This tool enables us to record the movement generated by a power source, conveying the displacement, speed or acceleration in electrical impulses. This will allow us to find the leak using sound waves.
Logger: We use a series of sensors introduced at certain points along the network, while assessing the frequency of sound wave propagation and the intensity thereof. With these sensors, we store the information, taking into account factors such as pressure.
Leak detection via satellite
Technology and innovation at the service of water.
At Aganova we implement the best technologies for detecting and locating leaks. Our work processes for locating a leak are based on applying leak detection via satellite, which allows us to obtain information on the water supply network through image analysis. With image interpretation software, we are able to obtain data that spotlights phenomena that would be indiscernible to the human eye.

By implementing this service in our work process, we can determine moisture levels throughout the distribution network. At the same time, by superimposing the analysis of the terrain and the network map, we can pinpoint areas with a high probability of water loss.
Analysis without extension limits
Speed of response
Non-invasive technology
Savings and risk reduction
In the event that the exact location cannot be found on the first attempt, at Aganova we have other means that can be adapted to each situation, framed within two specific areas: leak detection in distribution networks or in transport networks
Tracer gas
For leaks that do not generate sound and require immediate detection, the tracer gas method can be used. This method consists of injecting into the network a tracer gas that will travel through the section of network to be analysed. Once the circuit is complete, the pressure rises, causing the gas to be released through the leak or leaks. Then our technicians walk along the length of the network with a detector apparatus that displays the presence of the gas and indicates that the leak is nearby- the greater the tracer gas concentration, the closer the leak.

Tracer gas is a mix containing 5% Hydrogen (H2) and 95% Nitrogen (N2).

Nitrogen is not a toxic gas and is therefore not hazardous for the network or the workers. Furthermore, its volatility means that it can be used through asphalt, concrete, etc. Hydrogen does not exist in the atmosphere, which is why if hydrogen is found, it proceeds safely within the analysed network.
Structural report
Once the leaks in the water supply network are found, the client may require a more in-depth analysis of the pipeline status. At Aganova we provide accurate internal measurements of the remaining wall thickness of cast iron, ductile iron and steel pipes. This technology can "see" through coatings, scale and tubercules to detect graphitisation and pitting, corrosion and cracks. We can inspect pipelines of over 50 kilometres in length and locate the weak points with GPS precision.
Other services
At Aganova, the effort and dedication shown in each process is part of the way we understand our work.
Our broad experience does not just focus on analysis and control for water distribution and transport networks.
Our different branches are described below.
At Aganova we cover other water related services in order to offer our clients integrated solutions.
Pipeline cleaning and disinfection
We have broad experience in pipeline cleaning and disinfection functions.
Cleaning and disinfection of water deposits
We prevent adverse effects derived from any type of contamination of stored water.
Chemical product supplies
A fundamental part of our work is to avail of the materials necessary to provide a fast and effective solution.